Performance Profile

Recognize strengths and acknowledge weaknesses –
that’s the only way to record successes.

Meurer & Woskowiak stands for a 360-degree supervision of real estate financing projects.

This is how we support you as an independent consultant in all areas that have a decisive influence on the success of your company.

Our clients trust in our decades of experience in national and international real estate financing.

Our work methods are structured and precise, and yet provide enough flexibility to be able to respond to your individual needs

Financing structures

  • Structuring and supervising large-volume and complex financing, developments and portfolio transactions
  • Creating ideal financing structures by using all of the expedient financing and risk protection instruments
  • Restructuring of financing
  • Independent consultation and coaching


Transaction management

  • Consultation in advance of and during an acquisition process and selling process
  • Conducting acquisition negotiations and selling negotiations
  • Coordination of sales processes and due diligence processes
  • Advertisement and organization of structured bidding processes

Business analysis

  • Creating transparency (balance sheet analysis, credit analysis and business analysis): You can only act with foresight and lead your company to success if you have a clear view.
  • Analysis of strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing strengths and weaknesses: that’s the only way to eliminate deficiencies.
  • Cash position analysis and examination of returns on investment.
    Numbers and facts: the material that can be used to work on a vision.

Management and strategy consultation

  • We provide support in the multilayered challenges of business.
  • Business planning, budgeting and reporting
  • Definition of a company’s goals and strategies
  • Interim management